Treasury Stock Definition


The monetary accounting duration treasury stock describes all those stocks of stock which were issued with a business, and purchased, or reacquired, by the exact identical firm. Treasury stock appears from the dog owner ‘s equity department of this corporation ‘s balance sheet.


Treasury stock functions to lessen the entire capitalization of an organization; thus, it seems like a poor value within the dog owner ‘s equity portion of the balance sheet. That is occasionally known as a contra-equity account. When buying back stock, a business may offset / retire those stocks or hold on these for resale in a lifetime.

The most Frequent causes of a Corporation to get back its stock comprise:

  • To raise earnings per share
  • To Fulfill the requirements of a merger or employee stock program
  • To launch a stronger market for the ordinary stock
  • To Decrease the size of this company; a Decrease in the Entire capitalization of this company
  • To Decrease the vulnerability of a business to Your takeover effort

Unlike the normal stocks issued to people, treasury stock will not possess voting rights and doesn’t obtain the payment of dividends. Treasury stock might be listed at its level value or free of charge.


Company A repurchases 20,000 shares of common stock at $80 per share, or even $ 1,600,000. Total retained earnings looking to the corporation ‘s balance sheet is currently 28,348,000. These line products, because They’d appear in the proprietor ‘s equity section of the balance sheet, so could comprise:

Retained Earnings $28,348,000
Less: Treasury Stock $1,600,000
Total Stockholder’s Equity $26,748,000