There are several common pitfalls in forex trading that can easily be avoided

Forex trading offers small investors a wonderful opportunity to make a good living from their home, office or indeed anywhere there is an internet connection. However, many novice traders fail within their first 12 months of trading. This is largely due to mistakes that could be avoided if they followed the instructions of their forex trading classes.


Below are outlined the most frequent errors and causes of failure for forex traders and rules on how to avoid them.

Traders’ pitfalls and rules on how to avoid them:

Rule 1

Too often novice traders believe that making money in forex is quick and easy. It is not. It requires knowledge, skill, constant research and experience. Traders have to expect and factor in the inevitable losses, as well as count their gains and all too frequently the novice trader, ignores this fact with unrealistic expectations of what is achievable.

Rule 2

Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires hard work and research to be successful. And even then, you cannot expect every trade to be a winner. Even the best traders lose on trades. The key is knowing when to cut your losses and focus on the winners.

Rule 3

Keeping abreast of the currency trends and movements require intense research. It is not enough to pay lip service to this area of your business. A novice trader may, of course, get lucky but it is not sustainable and a total wipeout is only waiting to happen. Researching the currency pairings thoroughly and consistently is imperative to successful forex trading.

Rule 4

Forex trading must be treated as a business. It is not a glorified form of gambling as many suppose and if treated this way you, the trader, will end up losing everything. However, the basics can be learned quite quickly and as an astute novice trader, you will take your trading step by step to reach the level of professionalism required to be successful.

Rule 5

Trying to do too much, too quickly is another pitfall of forex traders. It is critical to focus on just a handful of the common currency pairings (see the major currencies here) before becoming involved in the many possibilities available in the market place. Become a master of your chosen currencies before expanding to others.

Rule 6

Choosing a trading system that you are comfortable with. This is an area that can lead to disaster if you do not have a trading system that suits your budget, your goals and importantly your own personality and trading style. As there are so many to choose from you will have to try a few before you find what is right for you.

Rule 7

Once you have your system, stick to it. There will be rough times as well as good times and you need to trust in your system. Emotions and nerves can play a large negative part if you allow them to. You need these success characteristics to be able to stick to your system. Get in and out of your trades in line with the entry and exit points of your system and do not be tempted to deviate from this plan.

Rule 8

Knowing when to get out of your trades is the most important part of being a successful forex trader.