Successful forex traders need these characteristics

Forex trading is a risky business with opportunity for profit as well as loss

If you are not prepared to lose money then you should not consider it as a business. However, if you do have the ability to absorb the losses you will also need something extra to become successful.

You will need to accept that you cannot be right all the time

You will make mistakes and the “secret” is to learn from these rather than dwell on them. All traders make losing trades yet the ability to take them in your stride and move on is a factor between success and failure.

You will need self-discipline

Having developed your system from the various forex trading classes you undertake you must have the discipline to stick with your system.

You need confidence

Naturally, this will build as your knowledge expands along with your experience and successful trades. You will develop confidence not only in yourself but in the system you develop and use.

You must have patience

If you do not have patience you will end up making trades just for the sake of it and inevitably you will lose. You have to wait for the right opportunities to present themselves rather than chasing what might be a “good thing”.

Knowledge is key

Of course, you have to know when to get into a trade at the right time but more critically is knowing when to get out and do it. Hanging on to squeeze a few more pips can prove fatal so leave greed out of your trading. Your forex trade signals will tell you when to get out so obey them.

Stick to your budget at all times and do not try chasing your losses

Never over-leverage yourself or trade with money borrowed from your household budget for example. You must be prepared to trade with money you can afford and accept you will lose some trades otherwise you are on the road to ruin. Starting with a small budget is fine and it will grow over time while you can remain calm and disciplined.

Risk is the name of the game in forex trading

And you need to have the nerve to accept it. You also need discipline, confidence, patience and knowledge to succeed. If not you are in the wrong business.