Convertible Preferred Stock Definition


The word convertible preferred stock can be applied to clarify just one of the types of preferred stock which might be issued with a provider. To increase the marketability with this investment, the non preferred stock provides the holder with the best to market the investment to get shares of stockexchange.


The multitude of shares of stock received for each share of convertible preferred is referred to because the conversion ratio. Hence, the conversion cost will be calculated as:

Conversion Price = Price of Preferred Shares / / Conversion Ratio


The skill to convert preferred stock to shares of stock is generally allowed on a particular date or after a pre-determine time-span elapses. The cost tag on non profit stocks has a tendency to proceed in step with all the price tag on the provider ‘s average stock. If a business shows throughout earnings, or alternative ways, it will prosper in the foreseeable future, and also its own ordinary stock increases, that will be always to the power of their favorite stockholder.

The preferred stock has the extra benefit of taste related to volatility, as do all of holders of preferred stock.


Company Z’s favorite stocks of semi stock were sold in market price of $70 and also a conversion ratio . The rest even conversion cost will be:

= 70 / 7, or $10 per discuss

When the amount of Company Z’s stock climbs above $10 a share, then a conversion will probably be profitable with the investor.