Effective investments in the financial markets

Get profit by copying the trade of experienced traders

Get profit by copying the trading strategy
The investment project Master Trade is a service that allows copying automatically trading strategy of successful traders .It is specially designed for investors who want to get maximum profit on their investments.

Earn on the transparency in your trade
Project Master Trade allows experienced traders to get additional profits from investors by copying their trading strategy. Trade, attract followers and get your Commission.

Rating of masters

Master Graph Weekly
Age of the account Amount of
Invest in the
-0.65% 22.76% 51.51% 89 days 20% Copy
1.14% 19.16% 46.66% 208 days 10% Copy
0.88% 12.25% 609.27% 1091 days 45% Copy
1.55% 12.14% 240.22% 141 days 30% Copy
1.41% 11.10% 602.33% 874 days 20% Copy
1.53% 7.18% 310.12% 484 days 25% Copy
0.53% 6.36% 163.72% 498 days 35% Copy

Master-Trade Project is efficient, affordable and reliable!

The investment project is aimed to obtain the maximum profits from investment in the financial markets.
Many people give up the modern investment in world currencies or in stocks of well-known brands, because of a lack of knowledge and experience. This product solves this problem; rely on the professionalism of experienced traders. Master who is earning money for himself will earn for you too.

Profitability or reliability?
What to choose; a high income or a stable reliability? A question currently asked by any investor. “Master-Trade combines things which seem to be incongruous”. The project has reliable stability and also has a huge possibility of obtaining high income. Based on your preferences, you select a master whose trading strategy fits you the most.

Trade yourself or save your time?
Do you have time to self-trade? Are you willing to dedicate to rigorous analysis of the state of the markets, to collect the necessary intelligence, analysis and tracking of quotations most of your time? Almost all investors starting to trade on their own do not give it enough time and eventually get a loss. For full trading in the financial markets, the investor must be able to predict the market movement, to be able to analyze obtained information at the level of logic or intuition in order to make the right decisions. The Masters in project Master-Trade are people for whom the financial markets have no secret and they have already passed the step that allows us to say that they are professionals.
We have launched the project Master-Trade for everyone who wants to earn money on the stock markets, but does not have time or experience.

Becoming an investor in the project Master trade you will be able to:

  • Enable automatic copying of the trading strategy of the selected Master;
  • Watch online the movement of you funds;
  • Monitor the trading strategy of the Master;
  • To make a parallel independent trade;
  • Ask questions directly to the selected Master;
  • Disconnect from one Master and connect to another.
Note to Investor
There is a periodic monitoring of the rating of the masters to search for more promising master for you; this will significantly increase the effectiveness of your investment.

Benefits of Master-Trade

1. In the project "Master-Trade" each Investor keeps his funds under the permanent control of all movement of funds, opened and closed positions are always known in contrast to those mutual funds (mutual Fund) where investors' money is controlled by the trader at his own discretion. In the project "Master-Trade" the Investor is always able to disconnect from a master and select a new whose trading strategy affects his profits.

2. Any investor, thinking about investing his funds in the financial markets, considers the fact of obtaining maximum profit with minimal risk. But as a rule, this requires large sums, such as are used in trust management. The project "Master-Trade" allows, having even the amount of several thousand dollars, to cooperate with the Master by copying his trading activity in proportion to his budget. And choosing among masters, rating their activity, disconnecting from one and connecting to another, you minimize your losses and you also have the opportunity to significantly increase profits.

3. The project "Master-Trade" will be especially useful for those who start to master earnings in the financial markets. Protect yourself from fatal mistakes of beginner. Following experienced traders trading strategy; you will not only learn, but also get profit from the master you have chosen.
You can see the results of each Master in the rating according to the time.
Don't forget that the results obtained in the past, can't guarantee the same results in the future. It is always better to refer to the fresh information about the master trading history.
When you choose a Master, carefully study all the indicators, questionnaire and correspondence with other investors, everything is available in his profile.

For any questions about the project, Please contact us right now!